Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Know someting??? Today for the pirst time, I went marketing early in the morning...@ 7.45am, went out together with my hubbie den I headed my way to the nearest GValue to buy some kitchen stuff...A fast shopping trip I can say so..cos I'm back @ my home @ around 8.10am...After clearing the stuff, I sat down @ my couch and started to read the NEWS HEADLINE about the Nicoll Highway collapsed...At the same time I tuned to ChannelNewsAsia to see the latest update..

Send my morning mails to my prens then around 9 plus I login to ewah2...Chatted for awhile...At around 12pm, I prepared the ingredients to the macaroni soup..Oh I cooked macaroni soup cos hubbie is sicked again..He has yet to recover and he can't eat oily stuff as he had a bad sore throat...Pity him...!! SadHe's going to see the doc again after werk...Pharmacist

Around 3.45m I started cooking and after clearing all the chores, I sat in front of my PC again... Chatted till 6pm where after tat I went to meet my hubbie at the doc near our house...

Went home around 7.10pm...Served hubbie dinner and then asked him to take his medicine..He looked very weak...anyway he did not take any MC for tomoro cos he was on MC last Monday..Furthermore he's taking leave tis Friday...Hopefully you be well soon dear...Kiss With Pigtails

Now I just finished massaging hubbie's head cos he complained that he's having headance..Poor him..So sad to see him so weak...Feeling Blue Let him rest early today...

Now I;m chatting with kissy while waiting for the Chinese Drama to start @ 9pm...Oh ya...I tink I'm gonna read my May issue of Manja Magazine..Reading Just got it by post....Will see ya guys tomoro...Anyway stay happy as tomoro is Thursday and weekend is coming!!! Tata!! Good Night

Here's a quiz tat I've just taken..Wud like to share wif u guys!!


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