Saturday, April 17, 2004

What a B-O-R-I-N-G day today...Spent my Saturday just lazing @ home.. Annoyed And DisappointedI really hate to stay @ home during weekends...arghhh!! Supposedly, we are to catch Starsky & Hutch with some ewah2 gang...but most of them cudn't make it...Left only hubbie, myself and kissy..So hubbie decided to cancel it as there isn't any crowd...Okay lorrr...What to do!!! Disappointed 3 I read the book tat I bought in KL titled KISAH HIDUP 25 NABI & RASUL..Yeahh..I like to read these kind of books...Pretty interesting...

I cooked late today...Actually I'm in no mood to cook but since we're staying home, hubbie asked me to cook something simple...I tot he said we gonna have dinner outside.. Dismay At last I cooked ayam masak sambal with potatoes...I took the hainanese chicken rice paste and cooked the rice...At least there's some flavor in the rice...hehe

Sms kissy...She said that she has to go to CDANS to help her cuzzin out..Well, at least she goes out...I'm getting siannn nowwww....Aiseyman...!!!

Anyway today my entry is sooo short and simple since there's nuthing interesting going on today.. Will be back tomoro hopefully with some juicy stories happening..hehe..Till then...Papaiiii... Bye Bye

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