Thursday, April 08, 2004

Reached KL @ 5am...Took cab straight to Melia Hotel... Luckily the person in charge let us to check in early..pheww!! hehe... Was so happy to see our room...very spacious and our room is facing Berjaya Times Sq...After we settled down, both of us called our parents to inform them tat we have safely "landed" in KL..hehehehe... After the solat subuh, we both went to sleep..

Woke up to see that it's already 10 plus...Switched on PC.. (oh ya...our hotel room indeed has a PC..LCD monitor some more..hehe) Chatted @ ewah2 with the gurlz...Was so happy that I still can get in touch wif them even tho' we are in KL..ehehe....MSN-ing with Bunnyz, girl and Rohani....At 12pm, we went out..Decided to go to Jalan Masjid India...Took Monorail to Medan Tuanku Station..Walked our way thru to Jalan Masjid India...Had our lunch @ the Mamak Rest....Ate Nasi Campur Mamak...niceee.....The same place where me, hubbie, kissy and some of our frens went to the time we went to KL in yr 2001...After lunch, we headed to shops selling kain material...Bought 2 set of kain material to make my baju raya...This Sat when we went to Malacca, I can send to my SIL's tailor there...Bought for my mum and MIL kain material each...After finished our shopping spree, we went back to the hotel to rest for awhile before going out again...Hubbie suggested that we go for a swim..Changed to our swimming attire and headed to the Pool Terrace....Swam for 40 mins then we went back to the room to take shower before heading off to KLCC.,...Took monorail to Bukit Nenas station and walked a bit to KLCC...had our early dinner @ the food court...Really like the food there...Too many to choose...At last i ate Ikan pari Bakar set...powerrr!!! Hubbie ate mee goreng...Bought my Clinique Compact Powder @ Parkson..Only cost me RM85 (SGD37 only) while in Spore it cost me SDG44..Quite a diff rite???? Den we go and lepak at the KLCC fountain to take pics.. After that we headed to Petaling Street...Bought lotsa things there cos it's cheap!!! Den headed back to Hotel..Very de exhausted...hehe...Now I just finished my nite bath and hubbie wants to go out again...But this time nearer....See what they have @ nite around our hotel.....

Okay lah..gotta go now...Will see you guys tomoro....Happy Holiday and take care....Papaiiiii..!!! *grin*

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