Friday, April 02, 2004

Can't get back to sleep after hubbie went off to werk..On my PC and saw kissy @ MSN..She was getting ready to go to werk..Had a short conversation with her before she left...Sent morning mails to the Sakurapz Gurlz..Logon to ewah2 but nobody is around except me & hubbie..oh hubbie did chat in ewah2 oso...He's the backbone of ewah2 to be exact..hehe...Anyway waited for the rest to login..

Today my mailbox was flooded with mails from the gurlz..we got so much to share with one another..haha.. Chatted while helping masyitah to build her blog...

Decided to cook keema today..Tot of going to the shop @ 2.30pm but it was raining cats & dogs.. so decided to just wait till the rain stop before I go and buy some stuff.. Asked hubby to buy Delifrance baguette...can eat with the keema....*slurp*

Started to cook rite after I came back from the shop..While waiting to get the potatoes and minced meat to get "empok", I login to ewah2..hehe

Hubbie came back early today..After eating our early dinner, we both set our eyes in frount of our own PCs... Now msning with kissy...oops...Chinese Drama about to start... After that hubbie promised to bring me to Al Ameen @ Tampines where I can drink my faveret Milo Dinosaur..yippieeeee...Way Too Happy

Kay folks, have to stop here for now...Will be back again tomoro... Have a nice and great weekend ahead of you guys...take care....Indian

To Mal & Hubby, Have a great holiday over @ Redang...Enjoy yurselves and put in more "effort" yeah!! You now what I mean?? Brows

more days to go..jeng jeng jeng!!!

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