Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Cudn't sleep back after hubbie went to werk..So what I do is sms my frens a good morning message as well as a Good Morning mails to the Sakurapz Gurlz...

Mission for today - Scan my honeymoon pics which I had wanted to do so for the last 1 yr..hehe.. If you guys interested, can view it here!

Carry on chatting with the rest n ewah2... @ around 3.45pm, my bro called me to inform tat Nicoll Highway bridge had collapsed...I was soo shocked!!! Shock He asked me to verify it on TV as he just gotten a call from her fren...I quickly switched on to Channelnewsasia..Indeed it's true..

SINGAPORE : An explosion has taken off a section of road on Singapore's Nicoll Highway, leaving a gaping hole the size of a basketball court just behind the Golden Mile Tower, where construction was going on along the Circle MRT Line

I could see how badly the road damaged is...It was kinda bloated due to heat underground and it was a real disaster.. The latest news now was tat a Malaysian man of Indian descent, believed to be a construction worker, has died and another three are being treated in hospital... And the SCDF officers are still searching for another 3 missing workers trapped inside the hole...Lets pray for the safety of the 3 missing person and the officers on duty...Feel quite sad to hear this incident... Feeling Blue

Well..I tink it's gonna take a few mths to reconstruct the bridge again...Personally hubbie and myself lurve travelling via Nicoll Highway when we are near CT Hall there...I tink I'm gonna miss travelling via Nicoll Highway..

Hmmm..gonna stop here now...Chinese Drama gonna start soon...Will be back tomoro...Byee guys!! Bye Bye

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