Sunday, April 04, 2004

Woke up quite late today cos me & hubbie slept late the nite before...Yawn We went to JB @ 10.30pm last nite..Top up fuel, ate our supper @ Last Kopek, bought DVDs and my Magazines....Went back @ 1.30am..My bro came over to borrow some DVDs soon after we came back..Bought for him burger and Udang Goreng Tepung..

Today we had our so brunch @ MIL's house. SIL cooked lontong, rendang ayam, sambal sotong, serunding.. Dah macam hari raya pulak..hehe.. Went to Fauzi's wedding @ Pasir Ris..Today weather dun't look good. Haf way thru we stopped and put on our raincoats.. Reached @ Fauzi's place around 4.15pm.. Oh ya we went there late cos Fauzi will be back @ his place with his bride, Zunika,Bride And Groom @ around 3 plus so we all decided to meet the rest at around 4pm..When we reached there, Zamri, Nurul, Alwi and Lin had just finished eating..We had to take pictures with the couple first cos they are heading back to Zunika's place.. Najeeb(DShootz Photography) is the photographer of the day.. Will see him again during shny & Fansuri's wedding.. Oh ya..Najeeb is my fren's bf..Known him since poly days...Anyway, Hawa, Mahadi, Shahul, Sheeda, Zaini, Frida, Nazreen & Sahmil were also there...It's like a reunion for us..We were once called PPPIO which stands for Persatuan Pemuda Pemudi Islam Opus.. OPUS is our company at that time which is the subsidary of IBM Spore.. Now we are the ex-OPUSians except for Nazreen & Alwi..hehe.. We had fun there...Took pictures mengalahkan pengantin..Abis pelamin kita kerjakan..hahaha...Rolly 2

Went back after we had enuff of the photo taking sessions.. We agreed to have BBQ during the June Holiday...Another get together again...!! Dropped by @ MIL's place again...Had our dinner there and went home @ 7 plus..Catched the movie, Miss Congeniality..Ohh I really lurveee dis movie..I can watched it over & over again..hehe...

Now, I'm chatting with kissy @ MSN and helping my sis with her karangan...Tomoro is another brand new week which I've been looking forward to...Just can't wait to go to KL for our break...Yippie...
Well, I guess I have to stop here for now.. oh ya..hubbie is watching his faveret team, Liverpool against Blackburn (1-0 to Liverpool @ the moment) Oh yeshh!! I'm so happy that Man Utd thrash Arsenal by 1 goal to nil yesterday...That's mean Man Utd gonna be @ the FA Cup's Final...Yeshhh!! Kudos to Man Utd!!Sunshine

Okay, okay...really have to stop...Have a great week ahead of you guys and happy werking tomoro.. Take care!!! Waving

Here are the pictures taken just now..Click to the pics to view it in a larger version else can always visit it HERE!


more days to go...yeahh!!

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