Friday, June 04, 2004

Memories of Alamakianz!!

I was bloghopping @ heLena's and stumbled upon her link on the Alamakianz peektures which was created by AtuK, an Alamak chatter..Quickly browse thru each of the peektures & found some of my old pics when I was soo active in Alamak World!! hehe..Tapi sesungguhnya muka ku sangat lah obit..ekeke..Maklumlah, kata zaman kekentalan ku..haha.. Tapi badan ku slim melim seh..haizzz...susah nak kurus cam tuh balik..ehehe.. U guys wanna see the pics? Kay lah me share it with u guys..

Pic Kental 1 || Pic Kental 2 *top muker* maluu sehh..ekekek..

Anyway it really flashes back the old memories during 1996 - 1999 era...Kak Yahfiq, do u remember those time where we had our own group called The Blacks Sistaz? cos me (same nick, still Frina), u (de one & only Natra) & Azean (nick Shania) liked to wear black outfit whenever there were gatherings..hehe...How time really flies!! Agaknya budak2 Alamak nie mostly dah bertunang, berkahwin, bercerai ngan beranak pinak agaknya..ekekeke

Okay..enuff of those Alamakianz Days!! Well today I went over to my PIL's hse around 9 plus just to say goodbye to Abang Ngah & family as they are going back to Melaka.. They took 11am bus..Anyway we gonna meet them again next week when it's our turn to visit them over @ Melaka...Can't wait for the day!! Stayed over @ PIL's hse to help Farhan with his Maths homewerk..Ate my lunch there...SIL cooked Asam Pedas Daun Kesum (Ikan Kerisi)...Sodapppp!!! Anyway went back my place at around 3pm where SIL tumpang buat kek & agar2 to give her neighbour for a wedding reception tomoro.. I helped her did the Chocolate Fudge Cake (my feveret) & she oso did the agar-agar gudil (gween karer)..

Went for a swim @ Tampines Swimming Complex after hubbie finished werk..Tis time, brought along hubbie's niece & nephew and my sis too followed us.. Luckily Abg Daud sent us there..Swim for an hr plus den went for our dinner @ Al Ameen..Had kway teow pattaya & air blueberry..After our stomach had filled with food, we went back home.. Well, tis time round need to take bus..Ohh Goshh!! It took a long time for Service No. 8 to arrive.. Kalau naik moto dah sampai sehh...Lucky for my sis tat Service No 17 came early..By then all of us were sooo tired and sleepy..hehehe.. I nearly fell asleep in the bus...

Now I feel like putting 2 matchstick at my eyes so tat it can be opened longer..ekeke.. Now in the midst of conversation with kissy, Klopez & hubbie in the MSN...still discussing on where to go tomoro..Finding a budget place to lepak..haha.. Semua dah pokai..Gaji blom dapat liao!! hehehe...

I wanna stop here lah...Feel soo sleepy oredy...but mebbe will turn in awhile later.. Need to surf around first...Okay guys..Have a great weekends & enjoy yurselves!!

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