Thursday, June 24, 2004

Outing wiF daddY cooL!

Was out with my dad (he's on 3 days off from werk), sis, and my 2 cuzzins, Ariff & Zaki.. Mum wudn't want to follow cos we're going Parkway..She said if we were to go Geylang den she wants to tag along..Mother will always be a mother..Geylang jugak dia nak.. hehehe

Met my dad around 1.15pm @ Parkway...We went jalan2 first before we headed to Banquet to take our lunch..I had a yummie Tom Yam noodle..After tat, we went Giant...There, we bought lotsa food...As usual, my dad will always tell us "buy what u want to buy".. So each of us picked wateva stuff tat we wanted.. My dad nie dah mcm Minister of Finance..hehe... I bought Durian Strudel @ the Strudel House.. Look sooo yummylicious! Can't wait to eat it.. ;D

Strudel House..

After a tiring of walking round Giant, we paid our stuff and window shop again..After hrs of walking & our legs dah mintak ampun, we went to take free shuttle service back to Bedok.. I spotted tis werd in the bus..

Break ASS to open?? Sure or not??

Finally reached Bedok Home..Back home, we started to taste the food tat we bought..Firstly I tasted my Durian Strudel..Was superrrrr delicious, scrumptious, savoury ermm..just dunno what else to describe...Everybody lurve it!!

Around 5 plus, my paternal grandma & aunty came over...It has been such a long time tat I didn't see my grandma... Hubbie came around 6.45pm.. He told me tat he found a wallet..When we inspected inside to find the owner, we saw tat it belonged to a Vice President of a department (forgot wat dept lah) of DBS Bank..Wow!!! But inside there's $50 bill, American Express, a VISA and some cards...Must be a rich lad!! Before hubbie called the guy, I jokingly told him to ask the guy whether he can give me a job..haha.. Wishful thinking on my side.. So hubbie called him and informed him tat his wallet is with hubbie.. so they agree to meet at the carpark where hubby had found the wallet.. As hubbie gonna go out from the door, we saw a young guy with a familiar face tat we saw in his IC (oh bt the way he's a Malaysian) near the hubbie approached him asking whether is he the guy... I was like..ermm..stunned!! Such a young chap holding a Vice President position with DBS...goshh!!! A Malaysian some more... The guy just say Thanks and went off.. ermmm...I tot he's gonna give hubbie his card & chit chat for awhile.. Hahah..but what business he has with my hubbie..Another wishful thinking!!

Den around 7 plus, my another aunty came with her children... Bedok House so kecoh already... We were talking & joking with each other..

And as usual, me & hubbie entertained the 2 kiddos, Yaya & Ariff.. Punya lah petah bercakap..iskk...mulut cam mak nenek ah si Yaya nie..hehe

But around 8.20pm, me & hubbie gonna make a move..Hubbie gonna sleep early today and waking up at 2 plus in th emorning just to watch his faveret team playing... England vs Portugal.. Sanggup dia..If I can wake up, I will join him else, I will enjoy my beauty sleep!! ;)

Okay now I'm gonna have my nite bath... It's Friday tomoro!!! I'll be meeting kissy & Klopez noon time to go Mustafa Centre... Gonna get someting from there... *wink*

Shall update for more juicy news tomoro nite....Have a great Friday eberibodi!! Enjoyy!!!!

Left: The kiddos; Right: Daddy & Me

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