Saturday, June 05, 2004

Cooling Saturday!!

It's 3.35pm now..What am I doing here at home???? I tink most people were already out in the street of Orchard, Suntec, Bugis and around S'pore..But I was stuck at home deciding with kissy & klopez where to go later..hehe..Yeshh!! We have to go out today by hook or by crook..hehe..Boring seh dok umah on Saturday!! It's been 2 Fridays tat we had not been going out for our lepak session..

Today's Verdict - Marina Square Starbucks for lepaking, LJS for dinner..Budget place rite..haha..Now everybody's broke!! No money liao!! hehe.. So must go to cheap2 place.. ekeekekeke...Will be meeting them at around 4.30pm to 5pm there...

Now I'm still stuck in applying jobs thru the Recruits Section, JOBSDB & Jobstreet...Wish me luck!!!

Okay will be updating more stories later tonite... Enjoy yur Saturday guys!!

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