Thursday, June 17, 2004

Diary of A Lady whO wants a Baby!!

Well! Well! Well! The above titled came upon when I read tis book

Title: Diary of A Mad Mom-to-be by Laura Wolf..Got tis book from Klopez..So sweet of her to lend it to me..Rest assured tat I will returned the book before the due date ya!! ;)

I lurve the way the author wrote the daily entry of tis ficticious character named Amy Thomas..Farnee some more..Was laughing hilariously and kept smiling to myself.. There are some similarity bet tis Amy Thomas & myself...Both are out of job (but she did got a job afterall unlike me..still struggling in finding one)& both eagerly want A BABY! hehe..

A quote tat I find interesting "Afterall, an egg w/o a sperm is nothing more than an omelet waiting to happen" hehe

Hope I can finish reading it up by tomoro...

Today did nuthing except going over to my parent's place...Mum cooked Nasi Rawan which happened to be our feveret food...I went out early and met my sis @ Bedok Interchange. Went over to one of the Bus Kiosk to exchange MANJA magazine leaflet to a MANJA BAG for MANJA subscriber..Den off we went to NTUC..Grab some tidbits & Pokka Ice Lemon Tea... Buey tahan with the scorching hot sun outside..Was perspiring profusely by the time I reached my parent's place...

First thing first when I reached my 2nd home, I went straight to the kitchen to get the Nasi Rawan..Lapar beb!!! Perut dah buat lagu BCM ah...Remix ngan keroncong sekali..hehe
Makan takde toleh menoleh nya.. ;)

Den off I went in my used to be single room (itu duluuu..masa blom kahwin nyer bilik) Suddenly I felt how much I missed living in tat house...And I still miss it till now.. But what can I do..I'm married and have our own house.. I just lurve Bedok Area.. From primary, to secondary den to tertiary and lastly werking life..All the memories were from where I used to be...How time flies!! I feel so old oredy.. Oh Well

Hubbie reached there around 6.45pm...Lay dinner for him...Dad will be back late today as he need to settle Pak Long's hse at Toa Payoh..My bro had went for his nite shift.. Was busy with the Saturday Recruit searching for jobs.. Dad bought the Straits Time specially for me as I was away last Saturday...Had pen down all the vacancies tat I'm gonna apply...

Oh no!! My bon bon feel so numb now...I tink I better stop now and gonna have a walk round my hse.. Aiyohhh....It's Thank God It's Friday tomoro and hope u guys will have a great day! Enjoy!!! Adious!!!!!

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