Thursday, June 03, 2004

Just another Day!

Nuthing much to update today.....Hubbie's nieces & nephews were here playing PS2 & PC till late noon...My bro came by to pass me the MMC Card reader and install it together.. Taught me how to transfer files to my Nokia 6600..Was so excited...Now must save $$ to buy the MMC chip itself...256MB cost 98 bucks at Mustafa Ctr..Tat is the cheapest over @ Mustafa..Outside selling about 100 plus...Anyway I'm not in a hurry to get one..

Went to kenduri tahlil at 6 plus...Today menu was Chicken Rice & Makoke (Apam)... Went off at around 9 plus where we headed to PIL's hse to stop by for the last lepak session for the nite before my BIL & family went back to Melaka...Anyway we gonna meet him next week over @ Melaka..Insya Allah...

We went back our hse with my SIL & family @ 10 plus...Reached home I quickly ironed my hubbie's clothes for tomoro...Took my nite bath and here I am in front of my PC... kissy is no longer online in MSN...I guess she had went to her dreamland by now..hehe...

Woooohooooo!! Tomoro Friday!! yay!! U guys must be pretty excited and happy as weekend is near you...hehe..

I have to stop here..My eyes stoinky oredy...Need to have my sleep soon...So guys, enjoy yur Friday tomoro.. Papai!!!!!!!!!

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