Friday, June 11, 2004

Bye Bye Singapore!!!

Yeshh!!! Am so happy today....Finally can get out Spore for a few days.. Gonna go Malacca tonite..yippiee!! Way Too Happy

I cleaned my house early in the morning, settled all the house chores den off I went to chat.. Didn't really do anything in the afternoon.. I cooked a simple Nasi Goreng Cili Padi for hubbie...

Had discussed with SIL on wat food to bring tonite...We need food to munch on our way to Malacca.. So I decided to make Roti John (anyway hubbie asked me to do cos it's his feveret) a& my SIL will be doing one KUIH TALAM..

Okay not much to say rite now...But I tink I will have much to say on Monday's entry when I'm back from Malacca...Gosh!! I will not be blogging for 2 straight days!! uwahhh....No internet connection!! argghhhh....I will miss my PC.. *sob*sob*

Oh ya, my partner in crime, kissy, too will be going for a short holiday to Tanjung Pinang with her parents..They have a relative's wedding there and at the same time they gonna go shopping I guess..hehe..Enjoy yurself partner!! Will see ya next week!! Take care!!!!

Stop here for now..Gotta make the John's Bread...Will miss blogging with you guys! Enjoy yur weekends!!!! Take care & wait for my return ya!!!! Goodbye

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