Wednesday, June 09, 2004

I'm Lurving It!

Today I just went crazy over the kains at Arab Street..I really fell in lurpe with the kains there..Kalau ku byk duit, dah ku angkut kain2 kat sana buat baju..hehe.. Masya Allah, mata nie rambang sungguh..even my SIL was fickle minded at tat time choosing her kains...Initially I just followed SIL to buy the kain but end up i cudn't resist my temptation seeing the kains plus SIL physco me to buy, beli jugak lah aku dgn kain lace cum organza in peachy pink karer..Tergugat iman ku disana..Tak dapat ku tahan nafsu kain ku..ekekeke... Kakak ipar gue betul nyer borong sehh..beli sampai 4 kain..fuiyooo.... kaya! kaya! kaya! kekekekek...Iman dia lagi tak kuat...ekekek...alamak apsal tercakap melayu plak eh...tapi takpe..sekali sekala berbual melayu kat blog nie..
But we did get a good price from the kakak who sold us the kains..Furthermore I know the kakak too..She's my auntie's fren..

Paused japz..Hubbie ku msn suruh amik cotton bud 2 batang..padahal dia kat bilik sebelah..nie lah kalau ada dua pc kat umah..apa apa nak cakap thru msn..itu pon kalau dia kat study room..hehehe..

Okay back to the topic...I tink we spent almost 2 hrs in tat shop..keep pointing to the kains there...By the time we went out from the shop it was raining cats & dogs...Took out my brolly dashed across to Zam Zam Rest to have our murtabak bites for lunch.. We tot the rain will stop after we had our lunch there but it still pouring heavily.. So we decided to go in Golden Landmark to see see look look while waiting the rain to stop.. Nuthing much in there as there's not much interesting shops...We bumped into Ramli Sarip there..He even said Hi! to us..hehe..

After spending less than 30 mins in there, we then took bus 51 back to Ubi.. Accompany SIL to PIL's place as the rest had gone back Melaka tis morning taking 8.30am bus... Back at PIL's hse, both of us keep admiring the kains tat we bought..Siap kuar kan dari paperbag tak puas plak tgk..hehe..Yeshh...we gonna send all the kains to our tailor at Melaka tis coming Saturday!! Yippie..can't wait to see the end product of my Princess Cut Dress out of the peachy pink lace cum organza kain..

Finally reached my home at 5.15pm..Quickly login to ewah2 to chat...Lucikly most of them were in tat time..Chatted till 6pm before I get ready the murtabak for my hubbie's dinner..

Oh managed to watch nymph & Fansuri Wedding VCD..Great werk by Flipside..Was so cute seeing the couple posing lovingly with each other..hehe..

Anyway I watched the 7pm Chinese Drama, Double Happiness 1 and got to realised that one of the bedroom set which Jiaqi & Yaxi had in their room is exactly like mine..For sure theirs is sponsored by NOVENA...hehe..So coincidence.. ;)

Well, enuff said for today..Gotta get ready to watch the 9pm Chinese Drama..Den gonna watch CB2 eventho' I hate tat Nuraliza Osman's acting but still I'm just curious to know wat happen next in tat the same time gonna watch World Idol too..

Okay guys, have a great Thursday tomoro!! Take care & papai!!

Here are some pictures of kains at Arab St tat I took using my camera phone...Please click at the thumbnails for better view...

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