Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Hmm..Wat To update ah?

Actually I dunno wat to update ah! The weekend and holiday was spent just lazing around at MIL's hse as hubby's sibling were there too.. Other than tat we laze around at home.. Wanted to go out but the weather is terribly hot!! So better stay indoor..

Today I went over to Parkway to settle some bills and to deposit money den go jalan2 ... I sent Lil Alisha to MIL's place.. (maklumlah nak berlenggang kangkung jer! hehe) .. After I have done with everything, I went back home first to hang the washed clothes and changed bedsheets. After my housework finished, I went over to MIL's place.. Wait for hubby to come back from werk. had dinner there and after magrib, we brought Lil Alisha back..

Neway here are some of Lil ALisha's photo! Makin active si kenit nie! hehe

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