Sunday, May 15, 2005

Enjoy No More!

Had lunch over at MIL's hse. Stayed there for few hours before we went to shop for Alisha's matress.. After tat went back home... We spent time playing with Alisha.. Now she has started to goo gaa with her lil voice..So cute!

Gosh! So fast the weekend gonna be over! And tomoro gonna be a brand new week for me.. A "journey" which I have long put a stop for will continue tomoro! Phew! Am I ready yet? *wonder* U guys must be wondering wat it is rite? Well, I got a job actually and gonna start werk tomoro.. It's as if I just finished my 3 mths of maternity leave... Actually I went for the interview on 3rd of May.. And on 11th May, I gotta know tat I was shorlisted for the job. Alhamdulillah! Actually I put a target to get a job by June so tat I can at least help with the household expenses. Nowadays living in Singapore is not cheap ah! Now with an extra responsibility added to the 2 of us, we have to werk for extra income...

As much as I excited to start werking tomoro, I'm actually sad to leave my dearest Lil' Alisha behind.. When I see her face these few days, I nearly cried (actually I cried ah..hehe) .. We both are so attached together.. It's been 2 mths and 3 weeks exactly, I've watched her grow in front of my very eyes.. But starting tomoro, I have only a lil time to spend with her during weekdays.. Oh my! How sad it is! But I will make full use of the weekend to spend more time with her... Insya Allah... Anyway she will be in my MIL's care for now and we will fetched her after we .. Lucky for us tat MIL's stay 2 blks away from us and tat makes things easier for us every morning...

Where's my werking place? Good question!! I have to take bus, changed to MRT and take another bus! Well, it's at Alexandra! :) Apa nak buat? Nak carik rezeki nya pasal... ;)

Kay lah gotta end here.. Will update soon if I got the time!! Have a great week ahead ya!

Brownies with Ben & Jerry Chocolate Chip & Cookies Dough!

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