Friday, May 20, 2005

Yippie! Long Weekend!!!

Yesh!! It's finally here! TGIF! 3 days to let our hair loose!! Best kan? Best kan? hehe.. Once 5.30pm, I will be jumping with joy! ;) Hubby will fetch me here and we gonna go Orchard together-geder! Pay our CitiBank bill den off to Wisma to go Charles & Keith! Hubby gonna buy me 2 shoes!! *jumping again* For the last 4 days, I've been using shoes tat really hurt my feet! Plaster here, plaster there! Sungguh tak cantik you!! Obit seh! hehe.. So hubby decided to buy me new shoes!! yay!! lup youuu!! *wink*

So now I'm waiting for the clock to tick! 3.5 hrs more to go!! yay! This coming 3 days gonna spent our time with our LiL huney Alisha... Was praying tat "the thing" can be out soon! Then we three can really enjoy ourselves!!

Okay chiao for now!! Have a great long weekend guys! Enjoy yurself aye! Papai!

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