Saturday, May 14, 2005

Ewah2 BBQ!

Today is the day tat we @ Ewah2 are looking forward to... It's our BBQ @ East Coast Park Pit 33.. This morning, I baked brownies to be brought over to the BBQ. Yesterday nite I had finished marinate the sotong and prawns so today a bit relax... Managed to take a nap for awhile as I was sooo tired!

Kissy Nollie & her niece, Pan, came over my place at around 4.30pm.. Around 4.50pm, we brought the things down as Kak Mah is helping us to transport the things & the people over to the beach.. Meanwhile, me & hubbie sent Lil' Alisha over to MIL's hse.. She was not allowed to follow us as she is still small and the place is not a "good" place for her.. Bila dah besar sket baru leh pegi kay Alisha!! hehe..

Me & hubbie took our bike while kissy Nollie & Pan followed Kak Mah, her maid & her 2 kiddos.. Reached there around 5.20pm.. Waited for the food caterer to come. We ordered Ikan Pari, Chicken Wings, Charcoal, Ice Cube over at BBQWholesale (it's Halal!) and the food is nice!! And we ordered Satay at Queen Satay.. Along came Cen who brought her agar- gudel & Roti Daging.. Sedap!!! Kak Mah actually brought 3 kgs of kerang along with the sambal kicap! Power ah kak Mah the sambal kicap.. Terangkat seh bila makan! hehe.. Oh ya! kissy Nollie brought spaghetti..

Then came Klopez, Nahar, LeNNy & Apek Rahmat.. Klopez made Agar2 Papaya.. Unique and nice!! :) The rest came later.. The rest of the attendees for the BBQ were: lervme, hubby & her Lil Sarah, Kak Sun & Abg Mie, shanah, eLy, Spidy & Lil Dhirah, shammek, KP & ahemz, Vandien & ahemz, Rosie & Adam...

We ate, mingled, joke, taking peektures... It was fun! We also had games! And not forgetting a little "something" for the Besday Boi, Mr Adam & Mdm Rosie (wife dia pon kene! haha) .. Look at the peektures and u will know! hehehe..

Both me & hubbie have to make a move at 9.45pm as we need to fetch Lil' Alisha at MIL's hse.. Uwahh! Tak pernah kita ni balik lekas kalau ada gathering but now must sacrifice ah! :) Neway cudn't meet kokodot lah as U come late ah mambangz!

Kissy Nollie just called and told tat they are stucked in the shelter as it was raining heavily.. Luckily they had already packed the things.. Isk isk! And lucky we had brought Lil Alisha home before it started to rain just now...

Alamak, my eyes now cannot open lah! I better sleep now! Tomoro will be the last day I'm gonna rest! Gonna start my "journey" tis Monday!

Neway, enjoy viewing the BBQ pics... Click on the below picture to see the rest of it!

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