Sunday, April 03, 2005

What a Sunday!

I tink most of you guys were shocked upon seeing the entry tat I added abt my lil' gurl has started eating..hehe.. Anyway she only ate the cereal once or twice daily... and only a scoop of the nestle rice is added to her milk intake.. Anak saya ni nak membesar..hehe

Anyway today was a slacked day! Watched TV all the way since morning.. Mum cooked Nasi Dhal, Ladoq daging, ayam goreng & popiah basah... All of us stayed indoor today as it was raining heavily just now...

Yesterday went over to Parkway with dad, sis & my cuzzin, Nini... Did a bit of shopping and jalan-jalan..

Oh yesh! Another 2 more days my confinement days will be over!! Yeah!! By next weekend we can bring Alisha out oredy!! Yippie!!

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