Monday, March 06, 2006

Back in action

Oops! I have not been diligently updating my blog! Really have no time to update lah... Once back home, I have to entertain my Lil Kenit till she sleep and by the time, I am too tired to on my PC to blog or surf around. Nowadays my Lil Kenit really wants our attention. We need to be in front of her all the time else, she will make noise.

At 1 year & 1 week old, she :

- knows how to throw tantrum when she din get her way.
- likes to point with her "pointing" finger (eg. when we scold her, she will do the pointing and said "ohhh")
- trying to stand by herself
- can walk by herself when clinging on to table or anything
- have a total of 4 teeth and 3 coming out soon.
- loves to dance when listening to music
- knows how to kiss people when asked to do so
- knows how to eat biscuits by herself

See, sometimes we can help but laugh at her "keletah-ness" ..

Anyway the weekend just over and looking forward to this coming weekend.. Just can't get enuff of weekend and it just came and ended so shortly.. This Friday will be my dept D&D at Swisshotel - Merchant Court... No idea what to wear actually... Hubbie's D&D just over last Thursday. Din get to win any prizes in the lucky draw. Just hope that I'm lucky! hehe

I was saddened by the death of the Lil Nonoi. Been following up with her story since her disappearance and when got to know abt her death, I cudn't help it but feel so sad that such a young girl has to end her life in a tragic death. Her step dad is really inhuman! What a 2yrs old girl know?? Nuthing!! And yet he had a heart to kill her! BEAST!!!

Shall stop here.. Will update again when time permit.. Meanwhile, I just uplaod some Alisha's pictures. Happy viewing...

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