Monday, April 03, 2006

Mendak Monday..

What a mendak Monday today! Firstly, have to drag myself waking up early in the morning. Secondly, seeing Lil Alisha sleeping so soundly made me wanna joined her back to sleep! But wat to do, need to drag my feet to the bathroom.. Why must weekend past for fast??!! Arghhhh!!!

Saturday we din go anywhere except to Pasar Geylang Foodcentre for our late lunch... Met Along and family there. I managed to get 2 kurta.. Around 7pm, all of us left for MIL's place.. Stayed there till 10.30pm and off we went back.. I was sooo tired and quickly pat Alisha to sleep and off I went to wash myself up and went to sleep..

Sunday morning managed to catch Suria Segar.. It was a good informative show! And that Ari Wibowo is justttttt soooooo cuttteeeeee.. Too bad we din get to go Plaza Singapura to catch him live. And Lucky we din go as it was so crowded with 2000 over people.. Phew! And it was raining some more.. Again in the afternoon around 4.30pm, we met Along & family at Labrador Food Centre. Ate mee rebus and goreng pisang before we headed to Labrador Park.. It was drizzling by then.. We had our brollies & mat geared with us... Half way thru the rain stopped and we layed out the mat to sit. Alisha started her walking hobby with the aid of her 2 cuzzins... By 6.10pm, we went to Harbourfront.. Went see see look look at BIG while waiting for my parents to "touch down" from Batam...Anyway nuthing catches our eyes in there.. 7pm, we met my parents. Bought New York Pizza home for dinner and off we sent my parents back home... We then went back.. By then I was having headache due to the drizzling at the Labrador Park.. Pop up 2 panadol after bathing and after watching True Files off i went to sleep...

Now I'm just waiting for this coming weekend to come!! And the next following weekend, we are off to KL to de-stress!! Yeahooooo!!!!!!

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