Friday, June 09, 2006

koochie koochie chakk bah!

Yesterday after werk, we went to visit her & her newborn Little Princess at KKH. She is full of energy and indeed a strong mum after hearing her labour experience! Kudos Mummy Aliyah!

Baby Sophia is sooo cute! She has her both parents face. Aunty Rosie cud not stop kissing her.. Penyek jugak pipi Baby Sophia! hahahaha

We stayed till 8.45pm before we made our move. Tapau dinner back and off we went home...

More pictures at Nollie's multiply. We actually din bring any camera as it was a last minute plan.. But we had Nollie's N70 to snap the pic!! :)

Baby Sophia being surrounded by the aunties

Me with the new baby on board!

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