Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Errr...Sinful Lunch!

For lunch today, me & Nolllie really can't decide on where shud we have our lunch! We tot of eating something light.. I mentioned here light hokay!! :P But dunno why our legs ended up in front of Bistro Delifrance????! Ok lah we tot...So I tot that I can just eat the sandwich meal. Before that we did ask the staff what is the soup of the day. It was Cream of Chickie.. So we took our seat and looked at the menu.. We saw PASTA!! Yummylicious looking pasta!!! Tergugat iman kita berdua! wakakakaka...

So conclusion, sandwich ke mana, something light ke mana?! akakaka

Tu lah konon kata nak diet lah this week sebab last weekend dah makan "sinful food" tapi tak menjadi lah nampaknya... Today jer dah Sinful Lunch! What can I say??? I rest my case.... :P

Nollie & her meal

Nollie's Cheesy Shrimp Ratatouille Pasta Gratin

Yours Truly & my meal

My Cheesy Masala Chicken Potato Gratin

Ended up, both our tummy bloated!! And super sleepy in the office! :p

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