Thursday, October 12, 2006

First time out..

Yesterday was my first time having iftar out of the house.. Had a mini gathering with my ex-Opus koligs at Resto Surabaya.. This gathering was held also bcos one of our fren, Thameem, is getting married next month.. Such a surprised for us that he's getting married this soon! But anyway it's time for him oredy lah! As in the past, he usually grumbled that he got no gf... haha

So 7 of us - me, Rohani & hubby, Thameem, Jahangir, Naveen and Masita (she's my ex-kolig in HP..we ask her to tag along) had our break fast there.. The food is simply nice there! Both me and Masita just lurve their Ayam Bakar..Terasa beb!! Fuiyooo! Mcm nak pegi lagik! But beware of the crowd...So before going, must make a booking first else you will not get a seat!

We had fun talking and joking..Talked about the happy moments during our MOE-ITSS days.. The pranks that we made among us! The "good" SDM that we had! I simply missed those days where I'm the Team Leader who kasi muka to my agents.. Semua kes tutup mata jer!! haha ..
Wish that we can turn back the time! But of cos minus off the unhappy moments with the marangperapukepundengmarangskeper SDM ah...

We stayed at the Resto Surabaya for almost 1 and half hr! Then all of us made our move.. So both me & Masita headed to Paragon as she needs to take out some cash at the ATM.. I saw Natural New Zealand Ice Cream counter and was tempted to buy! *remind me of Rosie who always buy Mango Sorbet/Passion during her lunch time before Ramadhan*.. So I told Masita that I wanna buy the Macadamia Nut ice cream.. I tempted her too and she ended up buying Mango Sorbet! haha.. So we enjoyed ourselves with the ice cream while waiting for my hubbie & Icah to pick me up at the Paragon Taxi Stand... Time is just short..when we were having fun, it just past like a flash! I guess we need to organize another gathering with the complete us after Thameem's wedding.. This time hopefully all can make it...

p/s: No pic taken as everybody was engrossed with their own food.. And the goondoo me, I brought my camera but totally forget abt it! Duh!!

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