Monday, October 02, 2006

Alisha's virgin library visit..

Yesterday, I brought Alisha to Bedok Library for her first visit. I wanted to pick up my reserved books and at the same time, applied for her a library card. Then brought her to the Children's section. She was all excited upon seeing many books! But what captivate her most was the colourful tables and chairs. She just went straight to the tables and chairs and took a seat there. There were books lying on the table and she helped herself with the books. I told her to keep still as I'm searching for her books at the bookshelves near where she is sitting.

I watched her from far. I began to smile. She seemed enjoying herself in the library very much. Her mouth also blabbering her language and attract few adults there. They were smiling to her. After finished searching for her books, I sat with her for awhile and decided to go down to the borrowing kiosk. She didn't want to move from the chair at all.. I have to talk to her that we will becoming to the library again. Quickly carry her and went down. After borrowing, Alisha get to have a goodie bag for first timer being a library member. Met hubbie and then off we went to Sheng Shiong.

Yesterday I cooked Baked Macaroni for break fast. Baked one for Bedok home and one to bring over to MIL's place.SIL cooked rendang daging and eat with ketupat nona.

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