Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Half of Ramadhan gone..

It's 17 days of Ramadhan..fast huh? Another 13 more days to Eid. Preparation wise, not that much.. Ala kadar only.. Have collected the curtains from my parents's house. This year dad and mum sponsored us to make curtains for our house.. Baju raya all ready except for hubbie's baju melayu. I'm buying Alisha 1 kebaya as she has 1 baju kurung already.

Last Saturday, I managed to bake 2 cookies. Sarang Semut and Chocolate M&M cookies. Started as early as 8.30am. First was to do the Sarang Semut den continued with Chocolate M&M cookies. Alisha as always, like to kacau me..Here I make the kuih, here she wants to hold what I hold..So end up I gave her some papercups and she took her Trix cornflakes and put inside the papercup..Gasak ko lah nak!! And once I had finished baking a tray of the sarang semut and let it cool, she asked for it.. So I gave her one.. She ate and she kept asking for more..mak ai ni anak! Raya pon belom, nak makan byk2 plak! She ate until 5 sarang semut before I quickly hide the bottle in the cupboard! Like her Abah said, "ingatkan mondok besar(refering to himself) jer ada kat rumah ni rupanya nya mondok kecik(Alisha) pon ada" What to do..Like father like doter...wakakakkaa.. My big mondok oso always kapok the m&m cookies after break fast..mcm gini tak sampai raya, kuih pon dah surut oii! *slap forehead* Ni belom buat suji lagik!! aiyoooo!

As we were breaking our fast over at MIL's with hubbie's siblings, I made Baked Macaroni and Samosa Daging. We had a spread of food for the break fast..There's Indian Mee Goreng, Bee Hoon Hailam, Kacang Phool, Baked Macaroni, Samosa, Murtabak, kueh mueh, Iced Jelly and many others.. Perut boleh kembung sey!

We stayed till 10.30pm before we went off to Bedok Home to pick up my tapau Chapati and Kari Babat/Perut. On Friday, had informed my aunty that I want the Kari Babat so she has "reserved" for me already. So mum brought back my share and I took from her. There's BBQ chix and also Laksa Gravy w/o the Laksa Mee..

Back home, after washing up both Alisha and me went to dreamland.. Was so tired and my body was aching...

On Sunday, I was soo mendak but managed to make another adunan of Sarang Semut to give it to mum & MIL.. After that managed to rest for awhile before we went out to Sheng Shiong with SIL & hubbie and MIL.. Bought some groceries there and off we went back to MIL's place.

While waiting for break fast, we watched Nasib Do Re Mi VCD. SIL made jempot2 bawang and jempot taugeh, sambal sotong, sop ikan merah..I brought the laksa gravy over for break fast. Had already asked SIL to buy some laksa mee from the market..

By 9pm, we made our way home. Ironed our working clothes and by 10.30pm, I was feeling so tired and sleepy. If only I have lotsa leave balance, for sure I will take some days off. Haizzz....How I envy those who have lotsa leave balances... like Rosie and my cuzzin! Donate to me some plsss! eheheheh...

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