Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy 21st Alisha!!

My darling princess turns 21 months today! Weeeeeee! So fast!! 3 more mths, she will be TERIBLE TWO! wow! I tot we just celebrated her 1st birthday but now she's gonna turn TWO soon! iskk...Ku pulak nak masuk TIGA-KOSONG! aiseyyy....

At 21 months, she:
  • likes to imitate what people around her does
  • ask me to put her lipstick *ni kes mentel*
  • Whenever she sees petrol station be it Shell, Esso, Mobbil or others, she will goes "Air!! Air!!" cos she knows whenever we went to the mart there, we sure buy drinks.
  • She lurves 7-11 and will make her mama or abah's pocket berlobang when she enter there..
  • She understands what people communicate with her..
  • Can be a great help when ask to take something..
  • She lurves when people tell her she's pretty..She will show you her mentel smile.. *vainpot*
  • She's much much more friendlier than before..
  • As usual, she's playful and cheeky plus active..
She's my hunny bunny..she really lights up both hubbie & my life! She's simple lovable... Mama & Abah lurve you Alisha Ameera... *mmmwahhhhh*

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