Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I may call it QUIT!

Not blog of course but my current job! Yesh! My new found job! It's only a week of my new job but I was having hell of time! Darn!! I shud have not accept the job in the first place! Shit! What was said during the interview really varies when I have started work! Sheesh!! Was not even told to do SALES call during the interview but last 2 days was told to do so!! So much so compare to my job title! Duh!! The previous gal did not even have to do such thing and got to know that I have many tasks added on for me!! And guess what?! The previous gal was paid much higher than me! (I happen to do her last claim).. And the amount of work she did was like so little compared to mine! Duh!! Izzit being the minority here, I am being taken advantage of?? *sigh*

Just like today, I have to do "shit" work!! My manager was on mc but that doesn't mean that I'll get away from him! No!! He emailed me few times and one of the task I have to do by Friday is to clear a stretch of cabinets and threw unwanted things as other dept needs the space! duh!! Dah mcm sochai sak!! And fancy being a newbie is of cos blur on wat things to throw and what to keep!! So I asked our Sales Specialist for help! The 2 ladies just tell me on what to throw and what to keep.. That's it! Not even saying that they will help me! Arghhh!!! So I managed to take 2 boxes and dumped all those unwanted things.. Mind you, the cabinets sooo dusty one!! And me having a sensitive nose already felt the itch! I so fed up and I just stop packing 2 boxes cos i din get anymore boxes... heck care lah!!

I tink soon my task will be cleaning toilets? cebok kan manusia2 ni?? *sorry exaggerating here :p*

Argh!! Why am I complaining so much when I just started my work only for a week! I guess the department sucks! The people sucks! The environment lagi sucks!! For goodness sake, I need a NEW JOB plsss!!! Been applying for jobs these few days!! Hopefully I can get a better one! So you guys if have any lobangs for admin job, do inform me pls!! I really appreciate that!!

Kay gonna blah from here soon! Must go back chop2 one!! Sien!!

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