Monday, November 13, 2006

Yaaaaaaa Kunnnnnnn..

I had a good breakfast today! Finally get to eat Ya Kun toast this morning! Days after days hearing Kak Sun's morning breakfast at Ya Kun, so coincidently this morning I was at Raffles City, I bought Ya Kun Toast Set A bfast! :) Met Rosie first to pass her the pineapple tarts..Den she accompany me to buy my bfast at Ya Kun..Never did I know the half boiled egg can be "tapau" back until Rosie and the Ya Kun Aunty told me... hehe..I so jakunist :p

After buying my bfast, I said goodbye to Rosie and went to office... As I was the first one to be in the office, I savour my bfast slowly and enjoy every bits of the kaya toast and half boiled egg.. :)

Oh ya, speaking of Ya Kun, I remembered a "joke" made by hubbie's nephew when we were at Parkway sometimes back... The conversation goes like this:

Me: "Eh, Ya Kun lah tuu!"
Hubbie: "A'ah lah"
Nephew: "Ya Kun tu kawan Aunty Idah (Me) eh?"

All of us burst into laughter... So innocent as he is till he doesn't know what Ya Kun is... So we pointed the shop to him and he laugh at his silly question.. :p

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