Thursday, November 23, 2006

3rd day??

Hokay! Did you guys realise that how fast the time flies? I'm into my 3rd day of work in the new! So fast huh?! Well, my first day went well...Was told about my job scope by my reporting manager.. Managed to do some work with the aid of my manager.. One thing for sure, I did get "lost" in the office.. The office is really big and it has too many doors and exit.. Dah mcm Madu Tiga dahh.. Pening kepala bibik! I was totally blur to the max! haha.. But what can I say..First day mahhh!!!

Today is better...Get to familiarise with many things... And gosh, was so busy today! But at least the time just pass very fast! That's what I like!

Let me tell you that whole office, can you believe that I'm the only Malay there?? duh?! I was like oh mann! No lunch kakis that I used to have in my previous jobs... Now I'm "town-sick"..I miss town environment..I miss my lunch partner, Nollie..I miss my old koligs..huwaaa! Feel like crying when I have to lunch alone! No "beautiful things" (READ: clothes, shoes at JL, Robinsons, OG, Taka, Tangs) to oogle to.. Here, I can only see buildings, flats & factories...huwaaaa!! But one thing for sure, I can save money lah for not TER..TER..TER..(beli) those stuffs...hehehe... So now weekend I must get hubbie to bring me to town or any shopping centres for me to "wash eyes"... ;)

Anyway, my legs and body do hurt as I did walk to office and back home..Mebbe bcos long time no exercise lah.. :p But for the past 2 days, I took bus to work from MIL's place (3 bus stops) after sending Icah...cos it's quite a distance from MIL's to office wheras from my blk to office is not so bad...(2 bus stops) ...

Ermm..shall stop here for now..I need to take my rest now...Quite sleepy... So till I blog again... Adios!!

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