Thursday, July 07, 2005


Yesh!! I've been counting down the days and finally Thursday is here!! Tomoro I'm on leave! Wohooo!! Dunt have to travel to Alexandra tomoro instead we going further!! hehe.. Seberang tambak only!! ;) Today I was in good mood the whole day!! :D

After I knocked off from werk just now, went down to Harbourfront to get something before meeting hubbie at SPC.. Went back to MIL's place.. After magrib, me, hubbie & hir went to Boon Keng to have our dinner.. Had sup kambing & mee hoon goleng.. Chit chat for awhile den we went back.. This time I went up to MIL's place again to fetch Alisha.. Den sent hir back... After tat proceed home..

Both me & hubbie were playing with Alisha just now before she dozed off in our room.. Nowadays, we have to on the aircon and get her to sleep in there first before bringing her out to the living room to sleep.. The 3 of us actually sleep in the living room every nite.. Beli babycot pon tak Alisha lebih suka tido luar! Luckily the cot is 6 in 1.. So can keep to be a toddler's bed...

These few days I noticed there's lotsa scratches on Alisha's face.. Tis kenit likes to gosok2 her face till she scratches her own face.. Many calar balar man!! iskk.. So today I "dera" her to wear her mitten.. hehe... I've cut her fingernails but still got the calar2! aisey!!

Breaking news - At least 33 people were killed in a series of four separate explosions in London.. Wah lau! I guess the reason is pretty obvious as London won the vote for the Olympics host in 2012... Wat's gonna happen to tis world??!!! *shakehead*

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