Monday, July 25, 2005


Early in the morning I got the crave to eat BBQ Ribs at Amirah's Grill.. Siow rite?? haha.. It's all bcos of last Friday lah, both me & hubbie hang out with Kak Nor & Abg Wan at Amirah's Grill having our late supper.. Padahal before tat dah menyekik Burger King at West Mall but we were so tempted upon seeing what's in the we ordered FOOD again!! isk isk isk!! The food there are superb! Nice & affordable... Will patronize there again for sure and will be asking the rest of the gang!! ;) Oh ya geng!! Jgn lupa itu Sakura International hor!! *grin*

By the way this craving got nuthing to do with any pregnancy ah!! hur hur hur... :P Saja nak mengemukkan badan.. muakakka

Very fast Monday oredy!! Iskk..Not enuff of rest over the weekend.. If only weekend is longer!! *u wait long long lah Zubaidah!* But hopefully tis week will be fast like last week... Then by next week we gonna be off to Malacca...Yippie! Can't wait for the day to come... First time we be bringing Lil Alisha balik kampung! And shopping for her new clothes there.. and making Hari Raya baju kurung there too!! So excited!! *jumping with joy*

Eh okaylah....better not get carried away... Shall stop here... Poor Rohani, my kolig who is sick rite now!! U better rest at home!! Will see you tomoro and continue with our chit chatting in the opis...

Have a great week ahead ya!!! Take care...

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