Saturday, September 13, 2008

13 Ramadhan - Baking Session

Isn't it fast that we have reached 13 Ramadhan? Almost 2 weeks have passed.. Another half month to go before Syawal..
Today I've started my baking session... Completed Chocolate M&M cookies for the orders received and also for own consumption.. Altogether I baked close to 600 pieces.. Luckily MIL helped me else I will surely be behind time. Finished just in time for break-fast.
And today break-fast was simple yet delicious.. Black Pepper Chicken Pita.. Hubz helped me to stir-fried the chicken while I prepared the pita & veggies..
Tomoro will be my revision day as I have 2 class tests this coming week.. Mon & Wed.. So no baking for me tomoro eventho I feel the urged to bake.. hihihi..
Now let the peektures do the talking...
Chocolate M&M Cookies
Black Pepper Chicken Pita

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