Thursday, June 05, 2008

He's back

Hubz is back at home this afternoon... He's feeling better today... Yesterday he was wheeled back to the ward at around 3.30pm.. He was still groggy due to the anasthetic... Dinner was served to him but he has no appetitte.. Ate a bit but vomitted quite a handful... He was feeling dizzy and he slept all the way..
This morning hubz sms-ed me to inform that he can be discharged.. His Orthopedic Specialist had checked on him and told him that he was fit to go home.. I set off from home with Alisha at 9.15am to fetch him.. Hubz has to undergo physio-teraphy before he can be discharged. By the time the medicine was prescribed to him and the discharged administration was done, it was already 1.30pm.. Took a cab back. FIL waited at the carpark to help hubz with his crutches.. 2 weeks later, hubz will need to go back SGH to remove his stitches and a follow-up check up.
Tomoro I will be back at work and lucky it's a Friday.. But weekend will be a stay-home day as hubz cant move around that much...
Thank you for the doas and wel wishes from you guys.. We really appreciate it.. :)
Hubz feeling groggy
Alisha posing beside Abah's bed
Alisha eating dinner with Abah
Hubz's dinner: Curry Chicken & Spinach
Our complimentary dinner due to extra (the nurse gave it to Alisha but Alisha's Mama finished it .. hiak hiak hiak) : Shepperd Pie & Chicken Soup (Alisha finished that up)
Note: Pictures were taken using my Nokia 6500s.. That explained the blur-ness.. :)

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