Monday, June 23, 2008

Enuff of meetings!

Today is a terrible Monday I must say! I was involved in 3 meetings consecutively.. I dunt even have the time to clear my emails which reached up to 130 plus..Ya, I was away for a 2.5 days course...Else I shud be fast enuff to clear all the emails that come in everyday... Payroll stuff finally settled after some 'dispute'...

I managed to complete 3 tasks out of errrr (still counting)... More tasks waiting for me for the rest of the week.. I need a holiday! My sidekick, Suri, will be going for her 2nd honeymoon this Sat and will only be back to ofis on Thursday! So syiok!! I want to go honeymoon also preasssseeeeeeeeee!! hiak hiak hiak *hinting to hubz* :p

Anyway, I'm looking forward to tomoro as most of the top management will be away for the Basic Course conducted at IP... So our office will be peaceful and I can finish up my task smoothly and efficiently... haha

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