Wednesday, December 17, 2008

They're back!

My parents & siblings are back from their Gold Coast trip.. They reached Singapore yesterday afternoon...Too bad we coudn't fetch them due to work commitment..

Nevertheless, we popped up at Bedok home yesterday nite.. The house was in a mess with Aussie's stuff! Chocolates, bags, teeshirt & many more stuff lying around...

We received our shares too! :) Alisha got the most as usual! Mum and sis kept telling me that everytime dad saw something cute, he will buy for Alisha.. and he himself just got 2 teeshirts for himself after being forced to buy something for himself.. He only thinks for his children & the only grand-doter...that's my dad! The World Bestest Dad we have!

Here presenting our shares from Aussie...

4 bags of goodies for us..
Alisha's tops, bottoms & dresses
Alisha's accessories
Mummy's stuff
Daddy's stuff
For the tummies
Yay! we got new tops to wear for our KL Trip this Saturday! :p

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