Friday, December 19, 2008

Bye Exam..Hello Holiday!

Finally I sat for my last paper this afternoon... I was so relief after I've handed over my answer script to the invigilator and smiled widely to her.. a call for celebration after weeks of brain-cracking process.. Yeah I know results are not out yet but who cares!! I need a break! Results come later.. heh!

We will be driving up to KL in the wee Saturday morning.. 4D3N over in KL and a nite in Malacca at my BIL's house.. 5 days of getaway is enuff for me for the time being.. My leave started last Thursday up to next Thursday and will only be back on the D&D day (Friday)! weee..

Okay..I can't wait to reach KL... to eat all the good food there.. put aside how many kilos I will gained heh! Now I wanna enjoy myself!! yeah!!!

Wait for my next KL update here!! Till then..have a great weekend peeps...

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