Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Little Miss...

On the way to my parent's place this morning, I stepped inside Bosini at Bedok Central where something caught my eyes... I was a fan of Little Miss characters back then.... I lurve to read their books when I was small.. So now the characters are back hence I took no chance but bought Alisha 2 pieces of tee shirts of the Little Miss character.. One of them is Little Miss Chatterbox! Indeed it speaks of her character! She has becoming more & more chatty than before.. She can yak & yak non-stop!! Penat ku dengar sey!!

Unfortunately the tee shirt left only 2 characters, Little Miss Chatterbox & Little Miss Twin.. so I bought for her the general tee shirt which has few characters on it.. Since they are having 30% discount with min 2 pieces, so I grabbed 2 of those.. I guess Alisha sure loves the tee shirt!!

Can't wait for her to wear & snap the Lil Miss Chatterbox in action! :p

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