Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Poor Alisha is sick

My poor baby is sick.. Hubz told me she is running a fever in the afternoon and vomitted with lotsa phlegm.. Was quite worried cos she seldom falls sick but when she is sick, it will takes time for her to recover..
After work, hubz brought her to the doctor and I met them at the doctor's place itself. Informed the doctor that she is running a fever with running nose, lotsa phlegm and also ulcer.. The doctor checked for symptoms of HMFD but was glad that there's no such symptom.. Was diagnosed with normal flu.. But her temperature was quite high, 38.7 degrees..
She was given 6 type of medicine.. She looks so 'layu' .. Now she is asleep and hope her fever will subside soon.. We are monitoring her temperature every 1 hr..
Get well soon my dear pumpkin..
Sick Alisha..(taken a few mins ago - pardon the air liur basi..hihihi)
Her 5 out of 6 medicine
Alisha before she falls sick..taken last Sunday @ Best Denki, Parkway

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