Sunday, August 03, 2008

Weekend No Enuff!

Few hrs more to Monday.. Oh dear..I couldn't get enuff of weekend.. hmmm.. What did we do for weekend..???

Met up with Umeer, Has & Nini at Popeye T3 for late lunch.. After lunch, the cousins went to Coffee Beans for a cuppa ice blended before we got into our BBQ discussion.. Yes, we gonna have BBQ on National Day..

Nini left earlier as she has something to attend. As for the rest of us, we stayed till 7.15pm before deciding to go Karaoke. We wanted so much to hear "Misha Umeer" sings.. Unfortunately both Cash Studio outlets were fully book. The earliest slot was at 1am.. Forget it. So we then decided to catch a movie at GV, Tampines Mall. Mummy - Tomb of The Dragon Emperor. So we went Tampines Mall. Again we were disappointed as the good seats were all taken up. Left only the front row.. So we decided to just lepak at McDonald and wait for Nini's call to go for our late dinner/supper... At 10pm, Nini called to inform that she could not join us for supper. We then went to Kampung Chai Chee Seafood and went back.

Went for 2 jemputan. And in the evening we went to Parkway to get something. The rest of the time was spent at home.

Tomorrow will be a long day for me.. My class finally starts tomoro.. Gosh! I'm having jitters already. *seems like the feeling when I first went to poly in 1995.. haha* .. Not too sure what to expect but I hope I'm able to jungle between work, family & studies. Insya Allah... Pray for me ya! Do hope that after 18 mths I can get my Dip in HR and continue my degree... Insya Allah.. Have pack my "school bag"... :)

Will update again soon.. Have a great week ahead...

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