Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Updates on..

my first day of school... I was the 2nd one to arrive.. Not kiasu or what but I was early hokay! Anyway it was a great lesson yesterday. Had a good & funny lecturer for my Productivity Management Module.. Thank goodness the class was not boring at all.. We kept laffing through out the class.. There's close to 50 of us.. A huge group... Even the lecturer was panicked to see the number of students.. Hope I will get a good lecturer as this one for my other modules..

First day we've got:-
... our class test date - 8 Sep 08
... class test tips
... topics which are most impt and sure to come out in exam
... infos on how the lecturer marks our exam paper
... and so on.....

Surprisingly yesterday I did not feel tired at all but instead I enjoyed my class.. ya..yaa.. i know cos it's only the 1st lesson...perhaps close to the 5th lesson, sure I will complain & complain.. and there's 3 more modules for this semester.. *breathe in..breathe out* .. Insya Allah, I will hang there till I finish my Dip in Feb 2010... :)

Thanks all for your encouragement and wishes.....

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