Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Rise & Shine!

Good morning everyone! Mood to blog in the morning liao! hehe *apa angin ntah gue ni! ;p*
Reached office 5 mins late as it was raining on the road so hubby have to stop the bike and quickly took out the raincoat..

Now I'm having my breakfast, Pau Goreng plus Ondeh2 Goreng courtesy from MIL & with a cup of Neskepe.. hehe..

Today I shall be very fresh cos yesterday nite by 9.30pm, I'm into my dreamland oredy! So shiokk! hehe... Luckily Alisha slept so soundly so both me & hubbie got our beauty sleep!

Kay now got to countdown till 4.30pm den I can BALIK!!! oops..baru masuk opis dah nak countdown! hahaha...

Now better get back to work.. Have a great day peeps!

Here presenting my LiL' Alisha's bloggie! *budak kecik pon ada blog ah! Dunt play play! ekekeke*

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