Saturday, June 18, 2005

Wet Saturday!

*yawn* I shoud be at home sleeping soundly in this kind of weather! iskk.. But too bad I have to werk at 7.30am.. *uwahhhh* So just now around 6.45am, we sent Alisha to MIL's place and at 7am, hubbie sent me to werk...

Along ECP, I was so excited when I saw rainbow above the sky.. It was sooo beautiful.. I was busy looking up in the sky while hubby was riding.. I just love the sight of rainbow and it reminds me of carebear... hehe.. The cute lil' bear!!

Luckily reached opis cun cun!! ;) Now counting down to 11.30am den I can go back ZzzZzz! Then in the afternoon will be going over to my aunty's place at Bishan for my arwah moyang & arwah nenek kenduri tahlil.. hmmm.. I just feel that they are still around with us but the fact is, they had left us a month ago... :( Hari Raya tis year won't be the same again like every otehr years! No nenek & moyang to visit.. :(

Anyway tomoro is eL's engagement... She must be feeling very excited now! hehe.. Sabar ye eLeK... besok jer dah jadi tunangan orang! Tup tup! tak lama jadi isteri orang..hehe..

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