Sunday, June 12, 2005

Great Weekend!

A few hrs more weekend gonna end liao! Super fast lah! And tomoro back to werk! iskk! But watever it is, we really enjoy our weekend. What's more with our new Black Mamba addition in our family, it makes us easier to move around especially with our darling Alisha! Kay let me recapped back what we did during weekend. ;)


Hubbie fetch me from werk and off we went back to Ubi to take BIL's Toyota Picnic for a wash before returning to him tat very nite.. After magrib, we went to send my parents back to Bedok with the Toyota Picnic den zoomed off to Changi Airport to pick up BIL & family. They came back from New Zealand for their holiday... Officially the Toyota Picnic returned to his owner! So we said bye bye to the Toyota Picnic which had been with us for 2 solid weeks before our Black Mamba came out last Tuesday! After BIL send us back at Ubi, we took our Black Mamba off for spinning... End up at my SIL's place at Bukit Panjang.. Sat there for awhile then we went off.. Tot of going to Mustafa but I told hubbie to drop off the idea as I want to go back home to sleep!
While hubbie was spinning with the Black Mamba, the Mama & Doter were sleeping soundly at the back!! Haha.. Penat beb! Tahu2 dah sampai Ubi balik! hahaha


Not working today so household chores to be done for both of us.. Hubbie took charge of the living room and toilet while I'm at the kitchen.... At 3pm, went out to Abang Chik's place at Pasir Ris to collect the some stuff from New Zealand den off to another Abang Long's place at CCK to send their PC which hubbie had repaired... Ate Mee Bandung! Sodapp ah Kak Long!! Sampai bertambah2.. ;)

After tat we went to Mustafa Centre (finally get to go!) .. Bought some stuff for Alisha and we both bought our perfumes there... Prices there a bit cheaper from outside... (sep cost beb.. hehe)
Then went over to Bedok House to check on my bro's PC .. Called my cousin, Nini, to come over as she's at her dad's place.. Both my parents and sis went to my Pak Long's place at Batam... Had chit chat session there before we finally went back home at 9.30pm..

Reached home, had our bath den we went out again! before tat fed Alisha with her milk.. This time we brought hubbie's niece & nephew.. Went to Jalan Kayu for our late dinner... Den rounding2 at one Expressway to another.. hehe.. Reached home nearly 1am.. Sleeping time!

Sunday which is today!!

Sent Alisha to MIL's place at 9am den we went off to JB.. Before tat we picked her up den off to Woodlands KFC to meet her & hubby... Zoomed in to JB... Luckily it was a smooth ride... Went straight to Giant Plentong.. Main mission : To get Alisha's S26 Gold milk... But end up with lots of other things!! (who can't resist shopping at JB, rite? hahaha) .. Nollie who dun't want to buy anything end up of buying somethings oso! haha.. Rosie & hubby bought things oso! After tat we went to Jusco to have our lunch at Pizza Hut.. Ordered lots of food! Gelojoh betul ah! Apa tak nya lapar giler!!! hahaha... After lunch, we walked around Jusco and end up buy things again!! hehe...

Then off to Shell for fuel topping up... Den back to Singapore... Send Nollie back den off we went to MIL's place to fetch Alisha... After magrib, went out again to fetch my parents and sis at Harbourfront... Den zoomed off to Bedok House... Went up... Dad as usual bought for us our faveret Nescafe French Vanilla..We ate Mee Bakso for dinner which dad bought over at Batam.. Den wend back home...

Now my whole body so tired! Time to sleep!!!!!!! Looking forward to the next weekend! yippie!!! Rosie.. Nollie... our next project coming up soon ya!! *wink* Till then, have a great week ahead! Adious!!

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