Saturday, November 05, 2005

Hari Raya

Arghhhhhhhhhh!!! My posting gone in just a blink of eye.. Goodness!! And the entry is super long!! Hate tis when it happens.. Now I got no mood to update oredy.. Shud have save it!!

Now I tink let the pictures do the talking... If I have the mood then I will update again! *knock my own head* Tooooo-pid me!!!

Raya Pertama

My family

My Siblings and Alisha

Me, my sis & Alisha
Raya Kedua

Alisha with her Kebaya..

Family Portrait

Mama & Alisha
Abg Long & family

Abg Ngah & family

"Mama! Help!! Icah nak kene tium!!!"

Alisha & Syazwan

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