Thursday, November 24, 2005

My Darling turns 9 mths!

My Lil kenit turns 9 mths today but she is having fever... Anyway her fever has subside today.. Unlike yesterday when hubbie brought her to the doc, it was like 39.1 degrees.. I was so worried but doc said that it is normal for baby who is teething and was asked to sponge her whole body.. Alhamdulillah after sponging and gave her a stronger medicine, her fever really went down yesterday nite.. Else if not, we were ready to bring her to KKH cos we have a referal letter ready from our GP.

She is as usual...jovial as before eventho she is sick... That makes her a strong lil girl.. She keeps smiling but one thing now, she knows that I wanna go werk, she will cry when I went out from MIL's hse... I feel so sad when I saw her crying... If only I am not working, I can take care of her... One thing she enjoy most is bringing her out.. She seems so excited when me or hubbie carry her.. She tot we are bringing her out and she will wave her hands to everybody..

Okay gotta go...Will update Lil Kenit new photos soon! :)

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