Thursday, November 10, 2005

8 Syawal...

Today marked my 3 years Wedding Anniversary according to Islamic calendar which is 8 Syawal.. We were solemnised 3 years back on first week of Hari Raya. Orang masih tengah beraya tapi kita sibuk nak kahwin youuu..! hehe..

But for the official celebration will have to wait till 13th December.. hehe.. Or must I say double celebration cos I will be celebrating my 29th Besday on 6th December.. Sooo hubbie, I want tat "blink-blink" hOr!! ekekekeke... :P

Anyway a day to go before weekend.. So fast ya!! Last week on this very day, we were busy celebrating our Hari Raya and today, all slogging at work...

Yesterday received another kad saman from one of the forummer(hi0725).. She's getting married on 3rd December.. Another ex-kolig of mine, Wati or better known as blitze ( forummer too) will be getting married this coming 27th Nov.. See now after hari raya so many pak bing bing ah.. hehe... Dah lama gak tak gi jemputan ni.. Cam best gitu tgk orang kahwin.. :)

Ok ok..better stop here lah..Need to continue my work... Toking about work, tot of scouting a new job soon as this current place is quite far from my hse lah.. And also I need a change in the job scope.. Dunt want to do IT line anymore but instead admin work.. Any vacancy to offer?? hehe..

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