Monday, December 19, 2005

The demised of our beloved Canon Ixus 400!

We lost our Canon Ixus 400!! *wail* Of all places, we lost it over at Giant Plentong yesterday.. It was a case of "pickpocket".. I brought haversack bag with me and when we were shopping in the Giant, I saw my haversack front pocket zip opened. Didn't think of anything, I just zipped back. I did ask hubbie "eh sapa bukak zip ni eh?" but after that both of us didn't tink of anything and continued with our shopping.. It never crossed my mind that I put the digicam in the front pocket. I only realised when we reached at Perlabuhan Tanjung Pelepas (PTP) for our dinner.. Hubbie searched the car but cudn't find the digicam. And finally I came to realised that the "open zip" that I noticed earlier was when I lost the digicam.. *sob*sob* Bukan rezeki kita lah nampaknya.. 2 years having the Ixus 400 and now we have to depart with it.. I'm digicam-less now!!!

Apart from the loss, we had a great time going "excursion" with Nollie, Cen, Rosie & Adam, Kak Sun & Abg Mie, Yaya & family. Eventho, the 3 of us arrived a bit later due to our car's brake problem but we managed to get it service with the help of a kind soul at Cycle & Carriage. We made our way to JB at 11am.. Alhamdulillah no massive jam.. Headed to Jusco at Permas Jaya to meet them.. They had their ice cream session at Baskin Robbin when we arrived. Joined them before we all headed to Giant Plentong (place we lost out Canon hoo hoo) We walked around first before went in Giant. Bought some groceries and quickly went out from Giant as the place was packed with shoppers... And the aircon seemed not working.. panas!! Went to the foodcourt to feed Alisha with Marybrown Chicken Porridge. Kesian anak ku lapar.. After that we waited for the rest to finish shopping before heading to PTP.. By the time we reached PTP was nearly 5pm..

Ordered our food as all of us were very hungry...Dah cam "monster" plak kita!! hehe.. Once the food was served, "takde toleh kiri kanan, trus ngap" hehe.. Alisha oso ate 4 pieces of beancurd.. Kak Sun was the "joker" of the moment.. As we eat, we would laff at Kak Sun's reaction and jokes.. hehe.. Anyway we had Ikan Siakap Masak Siam, Baby Kailan, Kangkong Belacan, Lemon Chicken, Udang Goreng Tepong, Black Pepper & Chilli Crab, Sotong Goreng Tepong, Hotplate Beancurd plus 2 jugs of Orange Juice. So bloated our stomach after that... ekekeke..

They celebrated my belated besday there too.. With a Chocolate Christmas cake, they sang me a besday song... hehe.. So paiseh..dah tuek2 pon org nyanyikan.. hehe.. Had 2 pressies... Once from Nollie and another one from all of them.. Nollie gave me a Swatch watch which I lurve so much!! Thank you dear Nollie!! And the other present was a pinky lingerie.. isk isk isk *korang nak ada jadi godmothers to another child lagik eh?* ekekekekke... Too bad no pictures from me.. But can wait for Nollie & Rosie to upload their pictures... hehe..

By 7pm, we made our way back. Stopped by at Esso to top up petrol. Once we were out of Esso, we can see a massive jam.. Gosh! The jam was sooo "rabak" .. We were stucked for 2 hrs there.. Rosie's car managed to clear first followed by Yayak den us.. Sent Nollie home den we made our way back.. Reached home nearly 10.30pm... So tiring but fun!! Now shall wait for the next outing on 14th Jan.. :)

I tink enuff of my story...need to get back to werk.. Have a great week ahead guys! :)

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