Saturday, December 24, 2005

Alisha turns 10 months!

My darling turns 10 months on 24th Dec.. 2 months away to a year old... phew! Isn't tat fast? I feel that I had just given birth to her...

At 10 mths old, she:

- can call Baba & Mama occasionally
- standing up
- baby talk non stop
- very the manja
- know how to tepok amai2
- will do action with her hand when singing twinkle2
- has 2 teeth below
- can't sit still
- hyperactive

See her development... I'm soo sooo sooo tired! She is soo active till I myself cannot handle her alone.. phew! kenit! kenit! *shake head*

Anyway Sat morning I went for my medical check up for my new job at Republic Plaza.. Den off to Hajah Maimunah at Jalan Pisang to buy some dishes for lunch. Then went to MIL's place to fetch Alisha. At 4pm, we went out. Megat came over at our carpark and we headed to Bedok to buy a new digicam.. We chose Panasonic Lumix FX9.. A cool camera.. The one that my dad is using now too! But his is FX7.. We got ours cheap too.. A 6.1 megapixel & wide screen. Free casing and 512MB SD card.. Worth it! Got it at $615 only...

After tat we headed to Marina Square's Swensen to meet Nollie & her nieces, Pan & Ira... I had Black Pepper Seafood Pasta...yum yum!! After tat we jalan2 for awhile before deciding to lepak at Starbucks. Met Daya & Naj over at Starbucks.. hir & his date came later.. Nollie & nieces made a move earlier as they gonna go over to Orchard to see the lites. Daya & Naj went back too. At 10pm then we went off from Marina.. hir did not follow us as he has to sent his date back home. So we left Marina for Sembawang Road to have our supper...

Anyway we reached home at 1am.. Now time to get some sleep!! Tomoro got 2 jemputans... Will update more! Bye all!

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