Monday, December 05, 2005

Baby Boom!

Wow! It has been a week since I last update my blog! Call me lazy bum but true I really got no time to update it diligently like I used to do! haha.. Now with me working and handling my lil kenit have already make me a busy woman!

Anyway as of lately I keep hearing frens get pregnant, 2nd cuzzins being pregnant for the 2nd one and one qns that I get on top of these pregnant news, whan will be my 2nd one? *gulp* My answer: Not the right time yet! Alisha is merely 9 mths and she still needs attention from both me & hubbie. But anytime when our rezeki comes by then we can't say No! But meanwhile we plan to wait for Alisha to turn 1.5 year before we are ready to give her a lil bro/sis.. But am happy to hear the news of baby booming nowadays.. Which brings back memories when I was pregnant with Alisha.. hehe..

Here is the updates from Fri till yesterday..


Came back home with a big plastic bag.. Shopping sakan at New Balance sale just opposite my werkplace and was so surprised to bum into my fren, Siti Hawa with her belly sticking out! 2nd one on the way liao! And another Prince for her too.. Anyway Daniel is already 4 years old so it's time for her to have another one! Happy for her!

At nite, we brought Alisha to Changi Airport. Went to Swensen for dinner.. This time we bummed into my 2nd cuzzin who is 8 months pregnant with her 2nd child.. At that time I was pregnant along with 3 of my 2nd cuzzins including her.. but the 3 of them gave birth earlier than me and Alisha being the youngest among their babies...


Was working in the morning. In the afternoon we tot of bringing Alisha to the pool but apparently we have yet to buy her her lil swimming costume so we dropped the idea and instead went to Parkway bringing hubbie's nephew and 2 nieces.. Went Swensen again but this time we had only ice cream... After that we went jalan2 and finally went to Bedok Corner to have our dinner.. Bedok Corner now looks better than before and the interior is just the same as Adam Road Food Centre...


Went to my aunty's place at Yishun where there is kenduri for my aunty who will be going HAJ this coming January... Alisha is busy playing with my cuzzin's camera cover while my cuzzin is busy taking her pictures and video.. Shortly after that the 3 of them , dad and sis went back. Instead of going Sim Lim, we went to S'pore Expo for the JL Sale.. Lotsa people! Bought 1 lingerie, swiming suit and a bedsheet which all under dad's account.. hehe .. Then sent both dad and sis back home and we went back straight.. At home after Alisha is sound asleep, I joined her too as I was sooo sleepy. Wake up to realise that it's magrib. At 8pm, went over to MIL's place to pass the "tapau" from my aunt's place. Stayed there for awhile den off back home as the next day I've to work.

Tonite we will be going in JB to top up petrol and have supper there... And tomoro will be on leave!! Yeahooo!! Will be celebrating my HARI TUEK with both hubbie and Alisha!! :D

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