Sunday, December 26, 2004

Goodbye Honda Civic!

Today as early as 11.50am we went over to Bedok Home oredy!! Hubbie still need to take a look of my bro new PC... Oh ya, he got a new PC from dad for his 22nd Birthday today! Yesterday me, hubbie & dad were at Sim Lim buying him the new pre-assemble PC... So now my sis got her own PC so does my bro...

Around 2 plus, me, hubbie, dad & my sis went out to the airport to fetch my uncle & his family who will be coming back from their holiday at Gold Coast Australia...It's their 4th time there anyway as my aunt's sis is staying there... Before tat we sent uncle's car for Car Wash as yesterday the car was in a major disaster!! Been attacked by birds' shit!!! Bukan nya sket, belambak seh!!! iskk!

The off we went to Airport... As the flight will be touching down at 4.32pm, we went to Popeyes Rest to eat... I'm craving for the delicious mashed potato!! After tat we standby at Belt 34 waiting patiently for them to come out... as usual, lotsa baggages seen!! hehe... Even the car boot cudn't squeeze in all the bags so, the four of us took a cab and carry some of their luggages back to their home..

Stayed for awhile at uncle's hse before we went back home... No more car now!! It has been 2 weeks we've been using my uncle's car and now time to give the car back to the owner!! hehe.. Bila lah nak ada kete sendiri ye!! ;)

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